Can I start a group chat in Driff?

In this article we will show you how to create a group chat. A group chat is a chat with a selected group of people. You could also create a hub for this which has more options. However, if you are perfectly fine with only a chat for a few people, group chats are the way to go.  In the steps below, you can find how to create a group chat.
Step 1: Click on the three dots in your chat tab.

Step 2: Click on start a group chat

Step 3: Fill in the form

  1. Group chat picture
  2. Name of the group chat
  3. Add the people you need in your group chat (note: you can’t invite guest accounts to group chats. For a group chat with guest accounts, you should create a hub)
  4. Type a welcome message
  5. Create the group chat