Can users be deleted?

Users can only be deleted when they have not contributed to Driff yet. From their very first chat or post onwards, you are not able to delete an account anymore. Otherwise, if you would like to remove an account from Driff. If you can’t delete a user anymore, you can only archive or deactivate them. If you archive or deactivate them, they will no longer be able to login again, and of course as of next month you don’t pay for them as well. Only users with admin rights will be able to delete, archive or deactivate a user. Curious what the difference is between archive and deactivate? Please read the following article.

Please follow the steps below to delete, archive or deactivate a user account.

Step 1: Go to the overview of all the accounts via the menu on the left

Step 2: Click on the three little dots behind the person that you would like to delete, archive or deactivate

Step 3: Select what you would like to do with this user account