Connecting Driff with Gripp via API

Connecting Driff with Gripp

By connecting Driff with Gripp, you can interchangeably access employee data across these platforms. When you add a new employee to Gripp this employee is immediately added to Driff as well.

Note: this set-up will take approximately 5 minutes to complete

Step 1: Open your Gripp settings

Step 2: In your Gripp settings, open the ‘API role’ tab from the sidebar menu.

Step 3: Create an API role

Step 3.1: Click on ‘Add API role’

Step 3.2: Add a name and click on add below

First we need to add entities to specify which information is shared between the platforms. This is done by clicking ’Add’. The next window will open after clicking ‘Add’.

Step 3.3: Add all the entities that are shown in the overview below

Make sure to set everything to ‘Read. See picture below for the correct entities that should be added.

Step 3.4: Click on the save button

Once everything is added like in the picture above click on the ‘Save’ button

Step 4: Create an API-key

Step 4.1: First, re-open your settings

Step 4.2: Next, open the ‘API-keys’ tab

Step 4.3: Click ‘Edit’

Step 4.4: Click on ‘Add’

Step 4.5: Set a name and select an API-role

Set a name and select the previous created API role (see step 3) from the dropdown menu. Then click ‘Add’.

Step 4.6: Save the API key and make sure the API-key is active.

The new API – key is now shown in the list. Make sure it is set to active in order for it to work (see previous step)

Step 4.7: Copy the API-key that you just created

Step 5: Add the API key to Driff

Step 5.1: Open Driff and go to the settings of company (admin only)

Step 5.2: Click on automation and next on the Gripp logo.

Step 5.3: Paste your API token and click on: start sync users

Step 6: Congratulations, you have successfully connected Gripp with Driff.

In the screen below, you can see how many people are added.