How can the administrator assign rights to other people?

The administrator can assign roles to other people by going to the ‘all accounts’ page. This page can be found in the menu on the left. Here, the admin can click on the three dots behind a person’s name. The admin can select which role he/she wants to give to the user. The possible options are:

  • Assign as an administrator
  • Assign as a supervisor
  • Change to a guest user
    • When you change an account to a guest user the user gets a label behind their name saying that this account is a guest account. The admin can undo this by clicking on “move to external”.
  • Move to internal
    • When a guest user is added to Driff but later you would like to add them to your company as an employee you click on ‘move to internal’ in order for them to have the same rights

Basically the administrator and the supervisor have the same user rights as an internal employee. In the company settings the administrator can adjust the user rights per accounts. For an article on how to do that please click here.

See the pictures below on how to adjust user roles.

Step 1: Go to all accounts

Step 2: Click on the three dots behind the name of the employee that you would like to give a different role.

Step 3: Select the appropriate role for the selected user

Note: move to internal can not be selected for this user because the user is already an internal user. This is vice versa for when a user is already a guest user, then the option change to guest user will not show.