How do you create an approval post?

Approval posts are posts that can either be approved or disapproved. You can select the people that you want approval from. Underneath the post a clear overview will be given of everyone that agreed or disagreed with the proposal.

Via the following steps, we will show you how to create an approval post and what the overview looks like. The post is shared with the internal team by default.

Step 1: Select who you would like to address.

This can either be an individual, a WorkSpace or even the entire company.

Step 2: Tick the approve box

Step 3: Select all the people that you want approval from.

You can either do this by selecting them from the dropdown menu or by typing their name in the text box.

Step 4: Create the post


When the post is created you can see who approved the post, disapproved the post and who still did not respond. See the picture below for an example.