How to start a hub

In this article we will show you how to start a hub. A hub is a dedicated space where you can work on projects with your internal team and you can invite external users to the hub as well. Below you will find which steps you need to go through in order to start a hub. We will also show you how you can invite guests to the hub.

Step 1: Go to all hubs in the left menu

Step 2: Click on add new hub

Step 3: Fill in the hub creation form

  1. Choose a picture for your hub
  2. Fill in a hub name
  3. Invite team members (people from inside your Driff)
  4. Add a hub description
  5. Choose whether you would like the hub to be invite only or open
  6. Create the hub


Step 4 (optional): Add guests to the hub

Step 4.1: Tick the add guests box

Step 4.2: Add the guest accounts in the guest accounts box. You can either select previously added guests via the dropdown menu or you can insert a new email address in the box. When you hit enter after you filled in the email address, a new window will open (see step 4.3).

Step 4.3: Fill in the details of the guest account

Fill in the form and press the save button to save the guest account to the hub.