How to unarchive or activate a user again?

If you archived or de-activated a user the user is no longer visible in your Driff and this user also doesn’t have any access to Driff anymore. However, if you would like to add them again to your Driff you unarchive or activate the user again. When you unarchive a user their account is live again and they are in every chat or hub they were when they left. When you activate a user, they are back in Driff but you need to manually add them to their old chats and hubs.

In the following steps, we will explain to you how to unarchive or active a user again. Note that in this example we will unarchive a user but the steps are identical for when you want to active a user.

Step 1: Go to all accounts via the menu on the left

Step 2: Filter for inactive members

Step 3: Click on the three dots behind the name of the person that you would like to have back on your team

Step 4: Click on unarchive user and the user is right back with your team