What are posts?

Posts are messages that are sent to an entire group of people. For example to the entire office. You create a post with ‘the create a new post’-button. When you click on this button a pop-up screen will appear. You need to add a title and your message in the description box. With ‘addressed to’, you can select the people or the group of people you want to share this message with. It is possible to add an emoticon and a file . Furthermore, you can edit the text by changing the font to bold , font to italics , add a picture or add a link . Also, you can add more options to the post: must read, no replies, reply required and approve.

See the following steps on how to create a post.

Step 1: Go to the posts tab. You can either do this via the dashboard or via a specific hub

Step 2: Create a new post

Step 3: Fill in the form for the creation of a new post

  1. Insert a title for the post
  2. Select the people or hubs that you would like to address
  3. Insert your message
  4. Select the right properties for your message
  5. Create the post