What are reminders?

With reminders you can tell your colleagues or externals what needs to be done. You can add a title and a description. You can assign the reminder to a WorkSpace or to a specific person. You can also set a notification for the reminder. Follow the following steps on how to create a reminder. A reminder can be created in two ways.

1. Reminder via the reminders tab

Step 1: Go to the reminders tab

Step 2: Create a new reminder

Step 3: Fill in the reminder form

  1. Fill in the reminder title
  2. Fill in a description
  3. Select who you want to remind. You can either remind an entire hub or assign it to specific persons. If you want to remind yourself. You simple assign the reminder to yourself
  4. Pick a date for when you would like to be reminded
  5. Click the remind button

2. Reminder via the chat

Step 1: Hover your mouse over the chat that you want to be reminded of and click on the three dots that will appear behind the chat

Step 2: Click on ‘remind about this’ and fill in the form that will appear