What are the options in the chat?

In the chat you have various options. You see the picture of the person you are chatting with as well as their name. With the star you have the option to mark a person or a group chat as your favorite. Furthermore, you see the date as well as the time of the messages. When you click on the three dots in the right top you see various options. These options are archive, (un)favorite, mark as read, mute and hide. Also, when you move your cursor over the sent chat you see three dots as well as an emoticon . With the emoticon you can react to the message with an emoticon that you can choose from the list. The three dots provide some new options: remind about this, edit, quote, remove, copy message link, forward, mark as important or react with an emoticon. When the other person or group has read your message it will show ‘seen’ underneath the message. In the bottom of the chat window, you can type your messages to the person or group you are chatting with. You can write a message, add emoticons , start a Driff talk or add a file .