What is attention required for posts?

When you tick the ‘attention required’ box this means that everyone that is selected, must indicate that they have read the post. Otherwise, the post will remain in their inbox.

In the following steps we will explain how you can write a post for which attention is required.

Step 1: Select who you would like to address with this post

You can either address an individual, a WorkSpace or the entire company

Step 2: Tick the attention required box

Step 3: Select the people from who attention is required for this

This is by default set to all users that are addressed but you can change this in the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Create the post

This is what the post looks like in the inbox of the receiver. You see several labels and buttons that indicate that attention is required. You can let the writer post know that you have read the post by clicking the mark as read button.