What is the difference between archiving or deactivating a user?

When you would like to have a user removed from Driff, there are three options. You can either delete, archive or deactivate a user. Deleting a user is only possible if the user did not contribute to Driff yet. This means that they did not chat, post, started a hub or anything else that is possible in Driff. Only in that case, you are able to delete a user entirely. In all the other cases you can either archive or deactivate a user. The difference between archive and deactivating a user is very small. When you archive a user, this user will be removed from all the hubs, chats etcetera that this user is part of. This means that when you de-archive the user, you need to add this user once again to everything they were once part of. If you deactivate a user, the user will remain in every chat, hub etcetera such that when you activate the user again, the user is part of these chats or hubs again.

Of course when a user is archived or deactivated, they will no longer be able to login to Driff anymore. If you would like to de-archive or activate this user again, you can do so via the all accounts page. For a more detailed description on how to activate or de-archive a user please click here.

For an article on how to archive or deactivate user, please click here.